Max from Germany here, this is my journal about a motorcycle ride round the world from Aug 2013 to Nov 2014: About 22 years old during the journey, I followed the Hippie Trail, explored Japan, crossed The United States and returned home after 50.000 km / 31.000 mi. Almost all on a Honda XRV 750 ’93. A friend named me Max Langebrauch which means to take a long time in German. I learned that travelling is a time machine: While daily routine makes life fly by,┬áliving outside the comfort zone expands a year to a decade in your mind. If you want to see what happened on the road, start with the Hippie Trail and click through 158 images with comments (takes about 1,5 h). I gladly answer questions and you can find my contact at the bottom under Impressum. These are some of my favorite images:


Thank you for supporting the journey with funds and gear discounts: